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Pan-African Esade Alumni Meeting 2021: The Future Is Africa

Jornada anual | Anglès

26maig 2021 de 19:00h a 20:30h

With a young and growing population, and cities that are becoming the largest in the world, the African continent has extraordinary economic potential. The Africa of the future is driven by local and international investments, groundbreaking infrastructure projects and innovative technologies that are changing the way Africans live, work and conduct business.

Esade Alumni and Esade Admissions are proud to invite you to the Pan-African Esade Alumni Meeting 2021, an opportunity for you to meet Esade alumni in and from Africa in an enlightening virtual panel discussion on what they believe are the challenges and opportunities facing the continent. We will bring together the stories of leaders of today who are building the Africa of tomorrow – because Africa is a story of brilliance, inspiration, entrepreneurship, innovation and future.