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The Rise of the Halal Market: Main Trends, Opportunities and Challenges

Webinar | Anglès

01març 2021 de 18:30h a 19:30h

The Halal market is growing so fast. In 2019, Muslims spent 2 trillion dollars on Halal productsand services, of which 1.1 trillion dollars were destined to consume Halal foods. But noteverything is food. Other sectors, such as Halal cosmetics or Halal pharmaceuticals, are alsoregistering strong growth rates, and are expected to reach a value close to 76 billion dollarsand 105 billion dollars respectively in 2024. In that year, spending on Halal products andservices is estimated to exceed 2,5 trillion dollars.


The Esade Alumni Dubai, Riyadh and Doha Chapters are bringing you this webinar held by Tomas Guerrero Blanco, Manager at the Halal Trade and Marketing Centre, where we will talk about the Halal concept, its legal framework, its drivers, its figures and key business and investment opportunities,