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The Final Frontier a talk with Ivanka Visnjic


29Mayo 2019 de 20:00h a 22:00h

The ESADE Alumni Mexico Chapter is holding a talk with Ivanka Visnjic, an Associate Professor of Innovation at ESADE Business School. “The Final Frontier: Combining Products, Services & Digital to Achieve Customer Outcomes” will be held on Wednesday, May 29th.

For most product companies, a significant part of the business already comes from services that are associated with their products. Many executives are asking the question- is there anything after services? The answer is yes. A selected group of companies are already charting the territory of outcome-based services that rely on a bundle of products, physical and digital services to deliver the customer utility. As a result, outcome-based services create potential for growth and profit for the company, but as long as the risks are well understood and managed.

• Why companies shift towards outcome-based services

• The risks that outcome strategy brings and when it does (not) pay off

• The framework to decide whether and how far to go towards outcomes

• The examples of companies that succeeded and those that failed

Ivanka Visnjic

Ivanka Visnjic is an Associate Professor of Innovation at ESADE Business School, where she also acts as a Director of Institute for Innovation and Knowledge Management. Previously, Ivanka worked at a consulting firm McKinsey & Co, completed a PhD at KU Leuven in Belgium, held visiting posts at University of Cambridge, Haas Business School at University of California, Berkley and London Business School and and helped set up business-led partnership, Cambridge Service Alliance, at University of Cambridge.