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Power Coaching with 'Coach for Internationals'


Are you looking to make more of your experience in the Netherlands? Join Elise Adriaansen to this ESADE Alumni event for a one-hour workshop where we will dive into your personal & professional goals and the steps you can take to get there.

As a trained Coach who has lived in eight different countries, Elise works with people living an international lifestyle. Together with you all, we will discover what fulfils you and knowing this, how to take balanced choices that speak to your inner drivers. 


Elise Adriaansen

Elise is an adult 'third culture kid' who is originally from the Netherlands, but grew up living in 8 countries across several continents. She completed her BSc in International Business Administration from the Rotterdam school of Management in 2013 and her MSc in Finance at ESADE in 2015. After having worked for ING Bank in the Netherlands and New York for 3 years, she completed a life coach training certification at the Coach Training Institute (CTI). Currently, she works with internationals by empowering them to thrive personally and professionally during their journey abroad. After the workshop, we will have some networking drinks. If you would like to attend, please register. This is an exclusive event with limited seats.


We hope you enjoy it!

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