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Private guided tour at the Future Museum


The ESADE Alumni Berlin Chapter is excited to invite you to a private guided tour of the newly opened Futurium, the house of futures! 

Futurium unites under the same roof a museum of the future with vivid scenarios, a laboratory of the future in which visitors can make their own explorations and a forum of the future for dialogue between players from different spheres. The exhibition presents different futures, visitors can discover exciting options for the future in the thinking spaces of man, nature and technology and develop their own attitudes to controversial topics. With this 60min tour we aim to give you an introduction to this innovative space. 

We only have 10 available slots for this exclusive event, if you wish to participate please sign ASAP.

The tour starts at 18.45, please meet us at the entrance at 18.30. Afterwards we would like to continue the evening with an informal dinner, we will confirm the venue shortly.

Members: Free
Non members: 5 Euro (to be paid at the entrance)

Looking forward to seeing you there!

For further information: