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moving stories

Are you brave enough to start a conversation that matters?

Dive into this immersive workshop designed for managers and team leaders who want to develop a more diverse and inclusive workspace. It's not just a place to talk about Diversity and Inclusion, it's a space to experience it.

With this practical workshop we offer you the opportunity to enter the world of people with different stories, people you wouldn't normally talk to in your daily life, and discuss topics you wouldn't normally talk about.

This experience is for anyone who wants to undergo a renewed definition of the diversity spectrum and learn how to encourage inclusivity in their work environment and life.

Let's take the steps to become real DEI changemakers, with new ideas and energy, and concrete tools and knowledge to take action in your organization!

This is an exclusive experience, join now and don't lose your spot!

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moving stories

Basic information

Date: 18.04.2023
Time: from 18.00 h to 20.30 h
Language: English

Online format