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You'll never walk alone




But we still maintain a personalized value offer. 


Job Applications

Through ESADE Alumni Careers, we offer former students useful activities and services to guide and manage their professional careers, regardless their professional situation.



ESADE Alumni organizes worldwide sessions to update knowledge, social events and networking, always with the same objective:
To add value to the former student who resides outside Spain.


Class meetups

ESADE Alumni offers all the necessary support so that former students, through the delegates, can meet again and foster professional and social relations between them.


Projects attended

Our objective is to dynamise entrepreneurial activity in society as a whole, channelling supply and demand between the entrepreneurial collective and the investor, and facilitating contact and fit between them.


Millions of euros

Financing collected in our Business Angels ESADE BAN network



Who have participated in the Alumni Social Consultant pro-bono consulting program. Offering their knowledge and expertise in different areas of management, throughout the 12 years of existence of the program.


Consulting hours

Valued in 1,4M€.