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DoGood EsadeAlumni


DoGood is a new project that enables you to have a greater positive impact on society through an app that prompts you to complete 🌱 daily sustainability challenges, thereby helping to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals together with other Esade students and Esade Alumni members. 🤝

If 150 Esade Alumni users complete the DoGood challenges, they will reduce their negative impact on:

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For each challenge completed, in addition to acting responsibly, you will also receive points! 📈

Additionally, with each challenge, you will find links to initiatives and content from Esade and Esade Alumni to help you keep growing as a person and as a committed professional.

The three top-ranked participants will receive a pack of environmentally friendly and sustainable Esade Alumni merchandise as a prize.

But everyone’s a winner! The biggest reward is making a positive impact on the world. 🌍

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Simple daily habits can change the world.


Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and reduce your impact on the planet!


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