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The Esade Alumni Dublin Chapter updates its board and holds successful gatherings

The latest meeting of the Dublin chapter wasn’t just a chance to get together; it was a celebration of Esade’s spirit of innovation, diversity, and lifelong learning
Chapter Dublin


The latest gathering held by the Dublin Chapter was not only a success; it was also an enriching experience for the alumni from all over the world gathered at an event that became a crucible of cultures. We talked with Pedro Amador (EMBA 23) and Borja Jimena (GED21, BBA21, GBD21), new members of the Chapter’s Board of Directors, about the keys to the event’s success and why the alumni’s engagement in the community is so important.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of the meeting was the diversity of the people attending it. The Dublin Chapter had the honor of welcoming alumni from Aruba, the Philippines, Germany, Russia, Italy, and Spain, and even a “global citizen” who just said he was from “Europe.” This eclectic mix of nationalities and cultures added a multicultural touch to the evening and enriched the conversations in unexpected ways. “Diversity became our most valuable asset and enabled us to address global issues from multiple perspectives,” Pedro says.

The success of the ice-breaker

The Chapter organized an ice-breaker which was anything but conventional. It was not only a fun exercise; it was a meticulously designed experience with the goal of deepening connections. “The palpable energy in the room was the proof of its success, but what really set this activity apart was the depth of the topics we explored. From our first jobs to our dreams of retiring free of money concerns, we shared our experiences and aspirations. We also delved into exciting discussions about our favorite places in our cities and cultures, providing everyone a window into the different worlds that we each come from. Plus, the conversations on the unique customs and foods that define us were as educational as they were delightful. This activity not only broke the ice; it absolutely melted it, turning a room filled with acquaintances into a community of committed, understanding, and interconnected individuals,” adds Pedro. And the alumni’s enthusiastic participation is clearly what makes these gatherings truly memorable.


The alumni’s enthusiastic participation is what makes these gatherings truly memorable


Chapter Dublin


 The Dublin Chapter is planning to keep up the fun and the connections in future gatherings, which are what make the Chapter’s activity meaningful. The next event is already in the planning stages.

Meet the new members of the Esade Alumni Dublin Chapter’s Board of directors

Junta Chapter Dublin

Pedro Amador (EMBA 23)

“Joining the Esade board in Dublin was a natural decision for me after having lived in several countries and being aware of the importance of having the Esade community. With more than a decade of participation and as an alumnus of the EMBA 2003, I have always looked for ways to give back to the community that has given me so much. Plus, considering my experience as a speaker, project manager, and community builder, I saw this opportunity as an outstanding way to apply my skills for the good of alumni. This experience is a treasure trove of constant learning and new connections with people who have a baseline culture similar to mine. Professionally speaking, it provides me with an  arena where I can apply and fine-tune my leadership skills by enriching my experience in project management and networking.

In the short term, our goal is to consolidate the Chapter as a venue for real connections and mutual support. In the middle term, we are exploring partnerships with other associations and companies, which would enable us to expand the scope of our activities and give our members added value. In addition to our popular afterwork gatherings and office visits, we are also considering including volunteer events on our annual calendar.”

Borja Jimena (GED21, BBA21, GBD21)

“Ever since I came to Dublin to work at LinkedIn in January 2022, the Chapter’s events have been a great way to connect with other alumni and feel the support of the Esade community even though I’m far from home, which has helped me adapt better in this new adventure. The sense of camaraderie at the events, which the Board organizes with such relish, inspired me to join it. Being on the Board is a unique opportunity to contribute to the city’s Esade alumni community and honor my commitment as a scholarship student.

We in the Chapter are committed to continue holding high-quality networking events to foster genuine connections among the alumni in Dublin. We also aspire to be solid support for newcomers or alumni who are considering moving here. For this year, we have already planned several afterwork gatherings, as well as a quarterly networking event. Our main focus is to strengthen the community and lay the groundwork to become an active meeting point that offers the Esade alumni community opportunities for connection, support, and constant learning.”