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Esade Alumni Social: 18 years fulfilling our purpose

The closure of academic year 23-24 was an inspiring encounter about how a good purpose can guide a professional career that is valuable for both oneself and others
Alumni Social Clausura 24

Giving-back Consultants’ event to close academic year 23-24 on June 6 was held to thank the volunteers who participated in it. The event featured a panel discussion made up of prominent leaders in sustainability, who shared their perspectives on successful careers built upon social and environmental commitment. They were María Serra, a climate justice activist and European Union ambassador for the Climate Pact; Gustavo Karlsson,  adventure/nature content creator, conservationist, and climate communicator; and Josep Santacreu (DSIS 86 / PMD 89), president of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and renowned social and environmental activist.

Pushing back borders

Before they spoke, Isabel Rallo, director of Esade Alumni Social, wanted to stress the fact that Esade Alumni Social has spent 18 years fulfilling its purpose of promoting the participation of the Esade alumni community in building a fairer society and more sustainable world. Giving-back Consultants’ volunteer projects have helped do this through the efforts of committed students and alumni. ‘Esade Alumni’s declaration as a public utility association is recognition that reinforces this purpose of contributing to a fairer and more sustainable world. Thank you, consultants, and thank you, associations, for trusting us. Each of you deserves recognition,” she said.

Isabel Rallo

Isabel Rallo also wanted to highlight the facts that in academic year 23-24, Esade Alumni Social expanded its international reach (5 of the 45 projects took place in Germany, Greece, India, Peru, and South Africa) and that more Esade students participated in the Giving-back Consultants projects (this year, 50 third-year students participated in the projects and were warmly received by all the teams).

To attest to the success of this edition, three of its participants came onstage. Joan Voltá, a student in the double degree in law and consultant at the Fundación Roura, stressed that “we are so lucky to work on such a diverse team as the Giving-back Consultants and to be able to apply the theory we’ve learned in Esade classrooms.” Eulàlia Conde (MBA 93), a giving-back consultant at the Real Academia de Medicina de Catalunya and the project in India, stressed the teamwork that enriches and brings new perspectives and angles, while María Serra, director of the NGO Open Cultural Center, highlighted the fact that Esade Alumni helped them to define and implement their strategic plan, creating a virtuous circle of effort, commitment, and mutual motivation.

Clausura Alumni Social

Finding your purpose

Next, Daniel Sánchez (Lic&MBA 92), president of Esade Alumni, moderated the panel discussion, emphasizing the fact that Alumni Social is proud of the alumni association and thanking all the participants before introducing the guest speakers.

Clausura Alumni Social

During her talk, María Serra shared her extensive experience in activism and mobilizing young people over the climate crisis and social awareness, and she stressed that her main engine for change is social justice. Gustavo Karlsson, who works from a variety of platforms to report on caring for and protecting our ecosystems and inspires thousands of people to take action on behalf of the planet, did not miss the chance to raise awareness: “We are the last generation who can do something to stop climate change. We have to be informed because each of us can do small acts that add up to big difference.” Josep Santacreu, who has been awarded a Saint George’s Cross for his commitment to promoting CSR, explained that the business world has the ability to transform society. “You can do business in many different ways to generate a social and environmental impact, and to do so, professionals should not give up their personal values. Business excellence requires social excellence so there will be synergy in the values.’