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The Esade Alumni Young Commission expands its Associates Program that connects the community with students

The Esade Alumni Associates Program is taking yet another step to get Esade students involved in its global community by opening participation up to students in all degree programs.

In 2022, 19 members of the Young Commission spearheaded the creation of a workspace to improve the participation, engagement, and support of young people in Esade Alumni and launched the Associates Program, which got 25 BBA students involved as classroom ambassadors. The idea came from the Esade Alumni Young Commission, the group of Esade alumni under the age of 30 who saw an opportunity to create a program where students could serve as the association’s influencers or ambassadors in their respective programs. The program is now expanding to all Esade degrees so that students can serve as Esade Alumni ambassadors and become part of a community that extends around the entire world and shares a common identity, motivations, and principles.

Associates 2


To introduce the new group of Associates, Paula García (MMM 19), president of the Young Commission, along with María Bonet, Xavier Hamelin, and Marija Stragyte, coordinators of the Young Commission Associates, led an event designed to motivate the 30 students chosen to internalize their new role to help the community grow. As Marija Stragyte explained it: “This first orientation event has shown us the diversity of students’ ideas; I believe that we’ll accomplish a lot with this innovative mindset. The most important lesson I’ve learned in the three years that I have participated in the program is knowledge of the Esade Alumni community. Having the opportunity to contribute, create, and connect makes me feel closer to the community.”


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When entering the program, the participants can learn firsthand what Esade Alumni does, how they can participate, and what services are available for current students, so they can spread that information among their classmates. In exchange, they receive training sessions and activities that they would not have access to otherwise. In short, they have the opportunity to join a community of extraordinary people, both personally and professionally, with whom they can forge fruitful relationships for today and tomorrow. In the words of Xavier Hamelin, “this program primarily offers connections with students, alumni, and Esade professionals, people with a great deal of talent. It also teaches you at a lot about organization and team management, and is a way to prepare to work with internationals.” María Bonet  added: “We have highly motivated, extremely talented students in all degrees. It’s a great experience because it enables you to enjoy organizing something we believe in as a team: creating a larger and more diverse community.”


Find out the Associates’ opinions 

AlessiaAlessia Casaretto, BITLASI I Innovative Leadership & Entrepreneurship with Positive Impact student

“We have been given the opportunity to work to expand the Esade Alumni community, one of the largest and most influential communities in Europe and the world, so this is something I want to be a part of. I came to Esade to learn from other professionals, work with them, and connect with a globalized community. My goal is to someday become a leader with impact, and to do that I want to surround myself with people who can serve as role models. Participating in this program is a key factor that ensures the quality of opportunities that make Esade the prestigious university that it is.”


Clara BonetClara Bonet, BBA student

“Esade is an incredibly powerful institution with an unquestionable reputation. That is precisely why I believe it is essential to integrate and immerse myself in university life to the utmost in order to take advantage of all the opportunities that come my way. The Associates Program enables me to work alongside other students from different years and create a team that contributes to development. Plus, it also provides a connection among different generations, which makes it possible to make the most of the talent generated by Esade. Among other things, this community offers me the opportunity to connect with professionals, entrepreneurs, and business leaders. Plus, contributing to and organizing joint projects equips me with training for the future, both personally and professionally.”


Associates 2024

Federico Borgio (1º BBA), Clara Bonet (1º BBA), Natalia Quesada (1º LAW), Ferran Millán Villar (2º BBA), Lorenzo Cassiers (2º BBA), Iris Raunu (2º GEL), Jan Voltas Moreno (3º BBA+LAW), Ignasi Sole Oliveras (3º BBA+LAW), Bartomeu Vidal (3º BBA+LAW), Cristina Ginesta (3º BBA+LAW), Irene Giménez Rodríguez-Losada (3º GEL+LAW), Lucia Nicolini (1º BBA), Gerard Figueras (1º BAIB), Mathilde Leclerc de Hauteclocque (1º BBA) , Camille Le Bihan (2º BAIB), Isabella Luchetti (2º BBA), Charlotte Tamagno (2º GEL), Marcos del Cura Izquierdo (1º BBA), Alexander Spitzer (1º BBA), Ana Sfrija (1º BBA), Laura Onidi Obiols (1º GEL), Ismail Guennoun (2º BAIB), Gabriela Conejo (1º BITLASI), Maria Luiza Siqueira (1º BITLASI), Eva Lucía Masiá (1º GEL), Andrea Bustillo (2º BBA), Alessia Casaretto (1º BITLASI), Estefania Mohme (2º BBA), Annick Abello (2º BITLASI) y Júlia Casals (2º LAW).