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Firsthand, the new mentoring platform strengthens the connections between the members of our community

Esade Alumni presents a new online platform for mentors and mentees throughout our global network

This year, Esade Alumni has introduced a fully digital mentoring platform. Designed for mentors and mentees throughout our community, this service strengthens connections among alumni who want to share knowledge and those who need advice and support.

This new tool will help to professionalise Esade Alumni’s mentoring service, which was conceived as a means of personal and professional growth that accelerates the development of skills and experience. The new platform was created in response to requests by our mentors and mentees to make the procedure more accessible.

How it works

The goal is to connect professionals who have relevant expertise in a particular area and are willing to share information and knowledge with professionals who could benefit from their experience, advice and support to further their professional development. The platform allows such contacts to be made quickly among members of our international community.

If you want to inspire others to become the best possible version of themselves, log on to the platform and register as a mentor, choose the topics you are willing to provide advice on, and indicate your availability.

If what you need is advice and guidance to achieve your professional goals, register as a mentee, search for a mentor and reach out to ask for help. You should also indicate your main objective for the process.

In this online space, mentors are visible to a diverse community of mentees who face a wide range of concerns and professional challenges. The platform suggests profiles based on the interests, experience and background of the available mentors.

In other words, the platform is a tool tailored to the needs of each individual. This is highly practical, as it allows you to directly control your own profile and agenda while also offering valuable content related to your area of interest (advice, guidance, Vault’s Business[k1] , articles, videos, etc.).


In this online space, mentors are visible to a diverse community of mentees who face a wide range of concerns and professional challenges.



Multiple advantages

Mentoring is a learning process whereby mentees take responsibility for their own personal and professional development. The mentor and mentee establish a relationship in which the mentor invests time, shares knowledge and makes an effort to provide the mentee with new perspectives, enrich the mentee’s way of thinking and develop the mentee’s full potential as a person and as a professional. The relationship serves as a vehicle for analysis, reflection and action in the agreed areas. It is governed by a verbal agreement between the two parties that can be modified as the relationship evolves.

Mentors leverage their experience to guide mentees and inspire them to tackle various professional challenges: improving their skills, gaining knowledge of a particular sector or functional area, optimising their performance, etc. The process generates a mutual exchange of value, given that the experience provides both parties with a highly enriching perspective and greater development, both personally and professionally. The mentor-mentee relationship transcends the mentoring process; it is a process of self-discovery. It allows both individuals to acquire new skills, new competencies and, of course, something very important: new relationships.

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