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Podcast with Juan José Brugera: “A chairman nowadays should not be an executive”

In the second episode of the podcast commemorating the 10th Esade-PwC Programme for Directors, Carlos Losada discusses key aspects of boards of directors.
Bruguera podcast

Carlos Losada, programme co-director at the Esade Center for Corporate Governance, hosts the second episode of the Esade podcast commemorating the tenth edition of the Esade-PwC Programme for Directors. This conversational podcast series features leading executives discussing important aspects related to boards of directors.

On this occasion, Prof. Losada is joined by Juan José Brugera, who from 2008 until just a few months ago was the executive chairman of Colonial, and who now serves as non-executive chairman. In this podcast episode, Brugera looks back over his long career and offers some advice on good corporate governance.

Visit Do Better by Esade to listen to the podcast.

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