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Programa de mentoring

How the mentoring programme works

Speedmentoring sessions consist of a group of mentors who give feedback about 3 start-ups facing a challenge.

The aim of this session is for people with experience to help solve entrepreneurs’ real-life problems so they can get on with their project.

Structure of the session:

  • Project presentation + outline of case (10 minutes)
  • Questions and answers (3 minutes)
  • Mentor feedback (15 minutes)

The start-ups selected beforehand by the Alumni Entrepreneurship team will give a pitch deck about a real-life challenge in their company. They must focus on a specific subject or issue where they have to make a decision. Start-ups can be in any industry and at any phase: initial, traction or consolidated.

Mentors are people with experience who are willing to help entrepreneurs by giving them feedback, advice and guidance to help solve a challenge.

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