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ESADE Alumni is pleased to invite you to this talk in the refresher series entitled 'The 2030 agenda, sustainable development goals and how companies can help', by professor Àngel Castiñeira.
The Leadership Chair at ESADE has created, in conjunction with La Caixa Bank Foundation, an observatory of sustainable development goals for Spanish businesses. The observatory’s second annual report, due out in May, will evaluate how Spanish businesses contribute to UN sustainable development goals. During this talk, the ESADE professor and academic director of this research, Àngel Castiñeira, will explain the importance of these goals and the initiatives undertaken by some of the companies examined.

Àngel Castiñeira
Àngel has been teaching at ESADE since 1993. He has specialised in the following areas:
- Social philosophy and analysis of the environment. - Political philosophy (geopolitical thinking, theories of justice, politics and government, multiculturalism and immigration, nationalism and federalism, civil society, the welfare state and social capital; contemporary ideological trends).
- Applied ethics (aspects of corporate ethics and work with values inside companies, and the relationship between values and leadership).
- Leadership in practice and its axiology
Director of Observatorio de Valores (Lluis Carulla Foundation) since 2007. Director of the ESADE-URL Chair in Leadership and Democratic Governance (since 2006). Director of ESADE-URL Department of Social Science (2005 - 2014). Associate professor, ESADE-URL Department of Social Science (since 1993). Director of Centre d'Estudis de Temes Contemporanis (Generalitat of Catalonia, 1998-2004). Professor of contemporary philosophy at Universitat Ramon Llull (1990-1994). Director of the collection 'Temes Contemporanis', Proa publishing house (1994-2004). Director of 'IDEES, Revista de Temes Contemporanis' (1999-2004). Secondary school philosophy teacher (1981-1989).

See you there!

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Language: Spanish

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