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The ESADE Alumni Marketing Club will be holding their 4th Marketing Night on June 14th.

Our venue this year will be the magnificent Hotel Mandarín Oriental. The evening will begin with a welcome cocktail and continue at the table with the usual sitting arrangement so you can get to know your fellow diners. Anyone who would like to make the evening last longer can follow up with a drink...

The evening was fully booked in previous years. Numbers are limited so sign up soon!

Keep in contact with your business school’s network, make new contacts and keep up to date in a relaxed atmosphere where our keen interests can explore new horizons. Don’t miss out!

We will treat the "Reverse Digitalization" a concept that defines the new balance between online and offline, today we see how even the so-called digital pure players are returning back in their strategies before 100% digital with omnichannel formulas. For this we will tell with the inspiring intervention of David Hernández, founder of Pangea, who will speak to us How are the rules of the Game between On and Off marketing changing?
20.30h - Welcome cocktail
21.30h- Dinner and interventions: Mauro Ribó (Lic&MBA94), President Club Marketing ESADE Alumni David Hernández, Founder and CEO of Pangea 23.30h- Networking drinks
See you there!

*No confirmations or cancellations will be accepted in the 48 hours before the event.
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Language: Spanish