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Active management: Investment fund value creation. Market outlook and strategies


October 17 OF 2018 from 09:00 AM to 10:30 AM

This ESADE Alumni Finance Club talk will take a closer look at investment funds: the industry, strategies and management models, and the future outlook of the markets in which they work.

Today’s low interest rates combined with the expansionist monetary policies of different central Banks have driven the amount of equity managed by investment funds to unprecedented heights. Of the many products on the market, value creation by means of active management is increasingly demanded by fund participants.

Telling us about their management strategy and experience and how they create value, will be two first-rate managers from management entities with different business models: Credit Suisse Gestión and Trea Asset Management.



Javier Alonso, managing director, Credit Suisse Gestión.
Alfonso de Gregorio, head of equity, Trea Asset Management.
Francisco Calvo (EMF 05), ESADE Alumni Finance Club board member



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