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Are you an effective leader? Find out with Lego Serious Play

Workshop | Spanish

June 11 OF 2019 from 05:30 PM to 09:30 PM

In today’s world of uncertainty, companies need leaders who can achieve goals by working in teams who can adapt to change, are committed to the project and feel that their leader can guide them along this road of uncertainty.

During this ESADE Alumni Careers workshop, you will learn more about your leadership style and the impression you make. By carrying out a challenge, you will gain an insight into your leadership strengths and the everyday challenges of people management. You will examine what defines you as unique leaders, what drives you to lead teams and what makes people commit to you.

Lego Serious Play, the methodology to be used, is designed to facilitate knowledge, communication and problem solving in teams and companies in circumstances characterised by change, innovation or complexity, and is based on several principles:

•    Adaptation: More complex settings call for a greater ability to adapt.
•    Value added: People’s intention to contribute and feel part of something greater.
•    Maximum contribution: Give everything you can when solving complex problems, share your ideas and help make them reality.
•    Play: Learn by playing, and bond with emotion and experiences

Begoña Vázquez

Workshop intended for executives who are currently team leaders, by Begoña Vázquez, executive coach, high performance team facilitator and certified Lego Serious Play consultant.