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'The arrival of cruise ships in Tarragona', by Josep Andreu


The ESADE Alumni Tarragona Club is pleased to invite you to ''The arrival of cruise ships in Tarragona'', a talk by Josep Andreu, President of the Port of Tarragona.

In 2012 the decision was taken to attract cruise tourism to Tarragona, and the following year a working group was set up to promote this project. The year 2017 will be crucial with the commitment of Costa Cruises to use the Port of Tarragona regularly as a port of call for 4 months, plus the possibility of embarking at this port. New challenges and new business opportunities for the region.

Josep Andreu will explain how the strategy of this project has evolved since its inception, the opportunities of the cruise industry, the outlook for Port of Tarragona infrastructures, and the economic impact that this new type of tourism may have on the region.



Josep Andreu

Josep Andreu has been President-CEO of the Port de Tarragona since February 2011. He is an Industrial Engineer (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) specialised in corporate organisation.

PADE Executive (IESE Business School) and Diploma in Service Company Management and Finance Management (ESADE Business School). Former Manager of Support Services and Manager of the Social Area of the Santa Tecla Healthcare and Social Network, Director of the Tarragona Provincial Association of Pharmacists and Tarragona province Director of Mútua General de Seguros. He is currently Vice-President of Cluster ChemMed, and board member of the Tarragona and Reus Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Navigation. Board member of several companies linked to the port authorities. President of the province of Tarragona on the AED Tarragona Executive Association. Director with experience in senior management specialized in managing companies in the infrastructure, healthcare and business service industries. Used to working with a high level of responsibility and a strategic focus on achieving global corporate goals.



See you there!

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