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Artificial intelligence and social progress


January 16 OF 2019 from 07:30 PM to 09:00 PM

The onset of big data and spectacular, ever-faster developments in data processing have inundated the world with terms and methods that are difficult to understand, such as algorithms, machine learning, deep learning and, of course, the Artificial Intelligence that gives innovative projects a competitive edge.

The burning questions everyone is asking themselves are, How can I apply AI to my business? What return will I get from these new technologies?

Sometimes a quick look around is enough to detect a basic need. Then, with the resources provided by open, collaborative environments plus a pinch of creativity and the firm conviction that we are creating value, we can develop solutions that obviously contribute to social progress.

The round table being held on January 16th by the Digital Business Club is your opportunity to learn about real solutions based on IA that are already being used by more and more people. Our speakers will be:


Gustavo Beltran, CEO and founder of Kio Artificial Intelligence, who will talk about his AI system to prevent bullying at school.

Lula Ballarino (Big Data 2017), head of digital transformation at the Telefónica Foundation, who has led the changes implemented at the foundation by applying Big Data and AI.


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