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The ESADE Alumni Automobile Club invites you to ''Automobile distribution: re-invention or extinction''.

This is a time of great change for the car industry. Glimpses of a future with electrical, shared, self-driven and connected vehicles are already appearing. These changes will affect the entire value chain of this industry including distribution. Other major challenges include the impact of internet on marketing and customer relationship models. The distribution channel will obviously have to adapt but in what way and how much? What business opportunities will emerge?

The session will open with an analysis of the current situation of the car industry and its evolution based on big data analysis, mobility as a service and the impact on the current distribution (Carnet). This will be followed by a round table where three professionals will share their opinions based on their own professional experiences, i.e. from the point of view of brands, dealers and an acclaimed advertising agency. Programme

Daniel Serra (EMBA 10), managing director of CARNET (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)
Joan Miquel Malagelada (EDIK 90), Automotive Senior Consultant
Santiago Oliva, partner and manager of Joaquín Oliva, S.A. dealers
Jordi Urbea, general manager of Ogilvy One Barcelona See you there!

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Language: Spanish

Event resouces. For members only!

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