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Be focussed to win. The fastest way to success in business and life


November 15 OF 2018 from 07:00 PM to 08:30 PM

The ESADE Alumni Lleida Club is pleased to invite you to their forthcoming talk, ''Be focussed to win. The fastest way to success in business and life'', by Joan Mir, managing director of AC Marca.

''Jack of all trades and master of none''.''Every man to his own trade''. These are just two of the many sayings about the need to remain focussed.

Being focussed is a springboard for excellent performance in both business and one’s private life.

Being focussed is an attitude. A way of doing business. A way of dealing with business and one’s private life. There are two things I’ve learnt from more than 30 years’ business experience:

- To succeed in business, it’s essential to focus on different business areas (sector, category, brand benefit, range, customers, consumers, message for the market, etc.)

- To be an entrepreneur or manager with a business focus, it’s essential to have an attitude to your private life based on the ability to prioritize and focus on what’s really important in your everyday activities and relationships with other people and the world. A distracted person who dabbles in a variety of activities is unlikely to have a focussed approach to business.

The business approach and the personal approach are two different outlooks that emphasise the importance of focussing and are completely interwoven. A person unable to remain focussed in their private life cannot be focussed in business.

Joan Mir Juliá

At present, managing director of the FMCG company AC Marca (whose brands include Norit, Sanytol, Iberia, Orion, Blanco Nuclear, Cebralin, Alex, Gior and Yak) in the AC Marca group, where he has held several different managerial posts since 1998.

Previously, he worked in marketing, sales and general management in companies such as Bayer, Del Monte Foods and the RBA group.

B.Sc. in pharmacy (University of Barcelona), MBA (ESADE), PDD (IESE) and Executive Program (Berkeley, University of California).

Coach at ESIC Barcelona and tutor on the EMBA programme since 2009.

Author of the books Viagra para las marcas. La innovación por conceptos (Empresa Activa), Posicionarse o desaparecer (Esic Editorial), Categorizar: El arte de crear y expandir categorías (Libros de Cabecera) and Foco: Enfocar para ganar (Libros de Cabecera).

Author of several articles published in the press and journals about strategy and marketing.


See you there!

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