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To be or not to be … in social media


The ESADE Alumni Senior Club is pleased to invite you to this small, practical workshop for members only: “To be or not to be… in social media.”

In one way or another, social media inevitably make their presence felt in our lives but do you know about everything they have to offer? Is a Twitter or Instagram account really necessary? Do you have to be active in all social media? The way new developments and trends in social media change so fast can be stressful. This workshop will provide a useful overview of today’s on-line landscape and help you decide whether and how you should be involved.

Interested? See you there!

Olivia Bosch (EMDB 16),
Digital Director, ESADE Alumni
Sonia Garrido, Digital Content & Brand Specialist, ESADE Alumni

Exclusive for members. Very limited numbers 


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