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Better leaders: How to spur your talent into action

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February 20 OF 2020 from 06:30 PM to 08:30 PM

Pedro Díaz Ridao, author of the book "Mejores Líderes", will talk about what he regards as the  key factors for developing your talent and leadership, regardless of your job or experience.

Drawing upon his experience of working with businesses and sportspeople, Pedro will share his thoughts about concepts such as on-going improvements, leadership in VUCA environments, the new skills required by industry, learnability, and more, with his usual enthusiastic and inspiring style of speaking sure to spur you into action.



Pedro Díaz Ridao is an expert in management skills with a PhD in management. He has been working with sportspeople and executives in Spanish and international companies for more than 15 years. This leadership and communication expert offers companies guidance on how to boost the talent of their personnel and create a high-performance culture.

Pedro is a speaker, coach and author specialised in the world of management, and has given talks and workshops in different organisations in more than 20 countries on five continents. His blog SPARK has more than 200,000 readers in more than 100 countries and his book Mejores Líderes, about lessons he has learnt from sport, business and society in general, can help spur you into action.

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