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Blockchain lands in the culture industry. Real-life applications, uses and case studies


March 11 OF 2019 from 07:30 PM to 09:00 PM

Blockchain. The latest buzzword in business speak. But what exactly is it? Many business people are not familiar with its technicalities. If you’d like to find out how Blockchain is used and hear about success stories in the culture, creative and innovative industries, don’t miss this talk hosted by the ESADE Alumni Cultural and Creative Industries Club, an ideal introduction to the basics of blockchain, tokens, DAOs and smart contracts. You’ll learn how it is used in creations of all sorts ranging from works of art to novels, songs, videos and perhaps even to bring about the demise of fake news. 

We will examine its impact on the supply chain and the customer experience. We will talk about success stories in the wine industry and other industries yet to be revealed. We will also discuss the impact of this disruptive technology on corporate culture and teamwork. You will hear about Spain’s leadership in this technology and the essentials of the Alastria platform used in several LatAm countries.

Welcome and introduction
María Barceló, director of the Executive Master in Digital Business, ESADE

Teresa Alarcos (MIM 92), head of the ESADE Alumni Cultural and Creative Industries Club in Madrid and non-executive director and president of the W Startup Community.
Montse Guardia, managing director of Alastria.
Ismael Arribas, founder, Lumiversity.

Chaired by
Covadonga Fernandez, journalist and founder of Blockchain Media, Observatorio Blockchain and Tokeneconomía.

See you there!

For further details:

Montse Guardia
Experienced executive in digital services with proven track record in IT, EPC and banking. Skilled in business processes, innovation, knowledge management, emerging IT technologies (Blockchain, AI, IoT, Quantum), IT service management, IT strategy and business transformation. Experienced in product management. Degree in telecommunication engineering (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya), Master (Universitat Ramon Llull). Enginyeria La Sa. Formerly Alastria Consortium VP now general manager. Advisor of the W Startup community. President, Quantum Blockchain Alliance.



Ismael Arribas
This entrepreneur from Valladolid founded Kunfud, a micro enterprise providing a service specialised in trade security, in 2006. He transformed his business model by applying technology. He is a blockchain and distributed technology agent in Spain certified by standardisation organisations, is involved in several start-ups and has co-founded others. Since late 2017 he has been the head of the Spanish chapter of the Government Blockchain Association, a mentor in FintechValley and an MSCF advisor. He is currently working on a very special project called Lumiversity and will be telling us about it.



Covadonga Fernández
Covadonga Fernández is a journalist who has worked for leading media groups in Spain such as the ABC daily and the Z group. She has taught journalism at the Universidad Carlos III, Madrid, was a member of the Nido Robotics, a company making robots for marine exploration. She founded Blockchain Media, Observatorio Blockchain and recently created Tokeneconomía, a newspaper on the Publiq platform for experimenting with blockchain applications in journalism and communication, which pays journalists with tokens. Speaker at events intended to disseminate blockchain technology in the cultural and creative industries. Author of the chapter about blockchain and the media in the book, Blockchain: la revolución industrial de internet. Formerly Dircom in the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and president of Telemadrid.