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BrandFormance: new advertising that sells. How to create a brand and advertise it in today's omnichannel world


December 13 OF 2018 from 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM

The keynote speaker at the forthcoming ESADE Alumni Marketing Club workshop will be Micky Ribera, CEO of BeAgency, a mobile advertising agency specialised in #Brandformance.

Today, in late 2018, there is no room for advertising that does not sell. #Brandformance uses digital advertising techniques to create conversation funnels that help sell products whilst building the brand and its values – all in mobile-based omnichannels with high quality, mainly audiovisual content.

Micky Ribera will explain growth hacking and inbound marketing by drawing upon his experiences as an expert in the start-up ecosystem, as an entrepreneur, investor, consultant and mentor of several e-businesses. Advertising has learnt a lot from this new entrepreneurial setting and Micky will explain several successful case studies based on these new rules of the game.

Workshop content:

- Omnichannel advertising today
- What is BrandFormance?
- Techniques: inbound marketing and growth hacking
- What are we learning from the entrepreneurial ecosystem?
- KPIs and how to measure the success of your campaigns
- Case studies
- Launch your brand in 4 steps


Mickey Ribera

, publicist, is the CEO and co-founder of BeAgency®, the MAO (mobile, audiovisual, omnichannel) advertising agency.

Ribera, the son and grandson of journalists and publicists, started out as a journalist in 1988 (writing, photographer and designer) at EFE and El Diari de Barcelona. In 1996 he entered advertising and PR and has worked for several agencies.

In 2015, he set up BeAgency along with Gerard Olivé and Jordi Sanllehí of the leading e-marketing group, BeRepublic.

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