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Car manufacturers. The mobility providers of tomorrow?


March 27 OF 2019 from 07:00 PM to 08:30 PM

New types of mobility pose a massive threat to car manufactures and could well put their current business model in jeopardy. The growing tendency to regard mobility as a service (MaaS) implies a shift away from car ownership. The success of carsharing, carhailing and ridesharing is prompting manufacturers to get involved in these new sorts of mobility immediately and start selling mileage rather than cars.

Are manufacturers ready for this change? What mobility products can they offer? Will today’s manufacturers be tomorrow’s mobility providers or will new agents emerge? During this session, car manufacturers will present their plans for dealing with this upheaval in the industry and will discuss new types of car use with the audience.

The ESADE Alumni Automotive and Mobility Club invites you to this talk about how car manufacturers are responding to one of the major disruptive changes in this industry.

This talk is the first in the Mobiendo series about new types of mobility and their impact on the automotive industry.


Welcome and introduction

Frank Mourge, Managing Director, Lunilo Strategic Advisors

Arantxa Alonso (PMD 15/EMMV 15), Managing Director, XMOBA (SEAT)
Agustín Muñoa, Director, Electric Vehicles, Mobility and Connectivity, Renault
Víctor Martí (Lic&Master 95/DB 16), Director, Audi Digital & Innovation
Chaired by
Joan Miquel Malagelada (EDIK90), President, Automotive and Mobility Club

See you there!

Members are welcome to being a guest

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