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CEO in B2B? Reorganize your company to sell to companies, by Oscar Torres


The ESADE Alumni Boston Chapter is pleased to invite you to this talk, ''CEO in B2B? Overhaul your business to sell to other businesses'' by Oscar Torres, director of the Executive Education B2B Management Programme and professor in the ESADE Executive MBA.

Prior to the crisis of 2009, businesses selling to other businesses (B2B) devoted most of their efforts to watching their handling of great market demand. In the lean years that followed, however, orders were no longer driven by demand: demand had to be created. This was when many CEOs and managing directors of B2B companies discovered that they lacked an essential skill: the ability to focus their company on B2B business. Processes were completely streamlined but sales had been overlooked! The managers of B2B companies realised that they did not have to merely improve their sales department but to overhaul their company in order to sell more, with less effort and more predictably.


Oscar Torres is the director of the Executive Education B2B Program at ESADE Business School, professor of the Executive MBA at ESADE, and the Executive MBA at SAIF (Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance), and president of the Spanish Association of B2B Marketing and Sales (AEMAVE B2B). He developed his experience in B2B sales at SolidWorks, a company belonging to the Dassault Systemes corporation where he is currently Senior Director of Worldwide Partner Development. He is also the founder of JustB2B, a consulting group in the B2B environment.

Torres has developed a profound knowledge of change management processes in the transformation of B2B companies, enabling them to develop better and more predictable business.


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