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¿CEO en B2B? Reorganiza tu empresa para vender a empresas a cargo de Oscar Torres

Conferencia | Spanish

The Esade Alumni West Andalusia Club is pleased to invite you to “CEO in B2B? Re-organise your business to sell to other businesses”, a talk by Óscar Torres, director of the Executive Education B2B Management programme and professor of the Executive MBA at Esade. This talk is scheduled for Wednesday, 8 January at 19:00 at the Loyola University.

Someone once said, “Companies are perfectly designed to achieve the results they achieve”, so if you want to make the business of a B2B company better and more predictable, you must re-think the way the company is organised. This talk will reveal the five key factors that can transform a B2B company into a well-oiled organisation that creates business predictably.


Óscar Torres

Óscar Torres is the director of the Executive Education B2B Management programme at Esade Business School, professor of the Executive MBA at Esade, professor of the Executive MBA at the Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (SAIF), and president of the Asociación Española de Marketing y Ventas B2B (AEMAVE B2B). He garnered his experience in B2B sales at SolidWorks, a company in the Dassault Systèmes corporation, where he is currently the senior manager of Worldwide Partner Development. He is also the founder of JustB2B, a consultancy group in the B2B environment.

Torres is thoroughly knowledgeable about change management in the transformation of B2B companies to achieve better and more predictable business.


Before the session it is important for participants to read the latest article by Oscar Torres published in Forbes magazine. You will find it in this link.


See you there!

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