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The challenges of people management in the healthcare industry


March 14 OF 2019 from 07:30 PM to 09:00 PM

The ESADE Alumni People Management and Organisation Club is pleased to invite you to their forthcoming talk, “The challenges of personnel management in the healthcare industry.”

Healthcare is one of the main indicators of the quality of a society’s welfare state. The evolution of the healthcare industry and the role of its managers in both the public and private sectors have a huge impact on society. In this respect, Spain’s healthcare system is internationally acclaimed.

The Spanish healthcare system as it is known today came into existence in 2002, the year when the devolution of healthcare to Spain’s autonomous regions was completed. This marked the start of a constant increase in employment in this area, driven by a considerable demand for healthcare services.

In parallel with the devolution of healthcare responsibilities by Spain’s central government to the autonomous regions, the system began to be privatised. The steady shift of healthcare from the public to the private sector is one of the main changes in recent years.

Public-sector healthcare is one of the areas most badly affected by the economic crisis. It is estimated to have suffered cutbacks of €10,000 million between 2011 and 2015. One outcome of these economic cutbacks has been a drastic reduction in staff which has affected the smooth running of the system: fewer beds and operating theatres, longer waiting lists, etc.

The private healthcare sector in Spain has grown steadily since 2014 and according to the Spanish bureau of statistics, INE, it is one of the industries that creates the most companies.
At present, there are some 147,780 healthcare companies in Spain, 3.46% more than in 2016.

There are 452 private hospitals in Spain, 57% of the total, with 51,591 beds, 33% of all beds.

This talk will examine some of the main challenges facing this sector:
-      Robotics and digitalization
-     Increase in female staff
-     Talent management and career design
-     Development of doctors’ management skills
-    Career development
-     Generational change
-     Management of direct personnel, commercial personnel, recruitment
-     Ego management

Amongst the technologies making a decisive impact on healthcare, those of most importance for the improvement of preventive healthcare in Spain are: the digitization of medical records, Big Data and on-line care. The ultimate aim is to develop more personalized medicine. This makes it necessary to help doctors develop new management skills and their careers, and also to deal with the generational changes arising as doctors with extensive experience get older.

To examine all these challenges, we will be joined by three keynote speakers:

María Luisa Martínez Abásolo
, corporate people manager at Vithas Hospitales
Olga Fustel, Western Europe Human Resources Director at Fresenius Medical Care
Carlos J. Diez, managing director at Hospital Universitario La Moraleja, and head of Sanitas medical services at Real Madrid FC

Luisa Martínez Abásolo

Bachelor’s degree in sociology and political science (Universidad Complutense, Madrid).
Master in HR management (ESDEN).
Senior Manager Program (Instituto de Empresa).
More than 20 years’ experience in communication and HR management in different industries in Spain and abroad.
Retail such as Burger King, logistics, Rexel, pharma, Rhone Poulenc now Sanofi, industry such as LM Windpower. Before joining Vithas as head of personnel and organisation, I was the managing director and HR and training in the Quironsalud group and vice president of the Quiron Foundation.

Olga Fustel González
Bachelor’s degree in psychology (Universidad Complutense, Madrid) and several masters and diplomas in human resources from EOI (Escuela de Organización Industrial), Universidad Complutense and IESE.
Olga started work as an HR Specialist at GE Healthcare in 1998, and pursued her career as an HR manager at MMCE Retail (Mitsubishi group) and as the Human Resources Director Spain at GE Commercial Finance until 2009. She then joined Fresenius Medical Care Spain, where she has held several posts including Human Resources Director Spain, Human Resources Manager and Western Europe Human Resources Director, her current post.

Carlos Diez
Managing Director of the La Moraleja Hospital Campus and Sanitas Medical Services-Real Madrid CF Madrid. He graduated and received his doctorate from the school of medicine at the University of Barcelona and completed his training as a specialist in sports traumatology in the Professor Pedro Guillén chair at the Autonomous University of Murcia. He has also worked in management for many years as the medical director of the Madrid - Canarias region at Sanitas Seguros and also as the national medical director of Sanitas Hospitals. He completed his training with an MBA, Hospital Management and Healthcare Law at ESADE (Barcelona) and the Instituto de Empresa (Madrid).

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