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'Consumer Engagement Strategy in the Digital Age', by Pau Virgili

Programa de continuidad | Spanish

September 20 OF 2017 from 07:30 PM to 09:00 PM

ESADE Alumni is pleased to invite you to this talk in the Refresher Programme, entitled ''Consumer Engagement Strategy in the Digital Age'', by Pau Virgili, academic assistant in the Marketing Department.

New technologies are reshaping market basics. In addition to the revolution of online communications there are also more fundamental aspects that make a radical overhaul of corporate strategy necessary. The buying habits of new consumers and the way they interact with companies are changing. Brands are adapting to this scenario by connecting with consumers in real time, being honest, offering unique relationships and being able to capture their energy.



Pau Virgili

Pau Virgili, expert in new technologies, management and marketing, has considerable management experience in international companies and also as an entrepreneur and consultant. Pau has created technology companies in the areas of m-business and on-line marketing and has carried out consultancy projects in consumer relations management for HP, Nike, Coca Cola and others. Previously, he was the General Manager of Marketing Europe at HP FMCG and Marketing Manager Europe at Plantronics.

Pau Virgili has an MBA (University of Chicago) and is a co-author of the book ''La reconciliación con el consumidor''. Pau has lived and worked in Spain, USA, Germany, France, UK, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, and he loves travelling.



See you there!

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