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Corporate globalisation: Roca


Economic globalisation is helping and obliging companies to go global. The goals of this globalisation must be well defined, and likewise the business to be globalised, and where and how investment is to be made. Roca was created in 1978. Its early days were fraught with difficulties and new experiences but today it is a multinational with 82 factories in 30 countries and active in 18 more, a turnover of €1,775m and 24,000 employees. I can give some advice based on my experience in this globalisation.


Joan Armenter

Industrial engineer and MBA (IESE). After 5 years in sales at Uralita, I joined Compañía Roca Radiadores where I worked in a new department designed to make the company grow and go global. For 19 years I visited companies around the world, negotiating buyouts, carrying out due diligence audits, developing new projects, etc. Then I started to manage subsidiaries abroad. General manager of Roca Poland (4 years), Brazil (1 year), Roca Portugal (4 years) and finally northeastern Europe including Russia, Poland and Ukraine (4 years). Also a member of the Roca executive committee. I continue to collaborate in professional and academic activities.


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