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CSR and Healthcare


November 07 OF 2016 from 07:00 PM to 08:30 PM

The ESADE Alumni Health and Pharma Club invites you to ''Should CSR be mandatory for healthcare providers and insurers or is their statutory business enough?'', a talk and discussion about CSR for healthcare providers and insurers with several in-depth case studies about good practice.

As in other industries, the private healthcare provision and insurance industry has developed some highly unequal endeavours. The impression is that CSR does not apply to this industry because its statutory healthcare business is directly related to giving individuals maximum value and contributing huge value to society.

In coming years, however, the growth of SCR is expected to soar in many quite different industries, causing the customers of private healthcare providers and insurance companies to wonder firstly why their provider does not excel in this field and then, whether its CSR should be taken into account when making choices.




Rodrigo Rama (MBA 89 / HM 86), president of the ESADE Alumni Healthcare and Pharma Club

Belén Marrón, CSR Manager, Quirón Salud
Josep Santacreu (MDHIK 01 / PMD 89 / HM 86), DKV Group CEO and president of
David Asin (EMBA 02), MD, Homecare Spain, Linde Healthcare
Esteve Picola (MC 98 / EDIEF 89 / HM 86), MD, Grup Mútua de Terrassa

Closing comments
Josep Maria Canyelles, co-ordinator of



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