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Desayunos ESADE with Luis Pardo, CEO and executive vice president, Sage Iberia


June 07 OF 2018 from 09:00 AM to 10:30 AM

Luis Pardo, CEO and executive vice president of Sage Iberia, speaker at the forthcoming Desayunos ESADE session.

The digital revolution is changing how people live and do business, but do we understand its real impact? Will it affect our evolution as a species?

What if we say NO to this revolution? Luis Pardo will share his thoughts on these and other issues, illustrating his ideas with surprising facts and figures sure to make the audience sit up and take notice.


Luis Pardo

CEO and executive vice president of Sage Iberia since 2014. During his extensive experience in the senior management of multinationals in different industries, he has garnered a panoramic view of the challenges of digitisation, technological developments and process enhancement via strategic innovation, leadership and the business mindset.

Staunch supporter of SMEs as creators of wealth and jobs in foremost Spanish and international forums, Luis Pardo is a member of the CEOE business action board, the advisory board of Patronal de Fomento del Trabajo and its innovation and technology network, Club Malaga Valley, the Governance Council of the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain, and president of the International Madrid Business Club. The business community has acknowledged his work with several prestigious awards including the Instituto de Excelencia Profesional Golden Star award, and the CEO of the Year award held by Spanish daily La Razón.


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