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Difficult Conversations

Sesión Flash | Spanish

June 19 OF 2018 from 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM

Every day we have conversations that have an impact on our lives. Interactions that happen in different contexts. Are you willing to fight for promotion if your boss thinks you’re not yet ready? Are you in a marketing meeting and you have to choose and champion a new strategy because if you don’t do something you will never meet the year’s target?

The reason why these conversations are crucial, and not merely challenging, frustrating or annoying, is that the outcome might have a massive impact on the quality of your life.

People often avoid crucial conversations despite their importance because they are frightened of making things worse. We are experts at avoiding difficult conversations.

ESADE Alumni Careers invites you to this flash session to:

1.- Learn how to communicate clearly, directly and assertively by dynamic role playing

2.- Develop the tools and resources needed to communicate successfully and effectively and enhance the development of your professional and personal skills.

Flash session intended for:

-    anyone interested in personal growth and development and wanting to learn more about their style of communication and the impact and influence they have on other people and in organisations
-    people and entities seeking to learn new communication methods to become more assertive and confident in their social, personal and professional relations.



Consuelo Verdú (PMD ESADE 2009). Senior innovation consultant at Nestor&Co. Professor and coach in well-known business schools. Extensive experience in the design and implementation of business enterprise projects using lean start-up and design thinking methodologies. Expert in creativity and digital transformation mainly as regards business culture.


Paz Gómez Ferrer (PMD ESADE 2009). Psychologist, executive coach (International Coach Federation), professor and entrepreneur. On the basis of her academic training as a psychologist and coach, she has developed many business ventures to boost leadership, managerial and entrepreneurial skills (listed as one of the 50 enterprising women in the journal “El referente”). As an entrepreneur, she offers executives in outstanding companies guidance about the cultural evolution of their companies.