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Digital transformation at Desigual, by Javier Meler (EMBA 17), CTO Desigual


The ESADE Alumni Lleida Club is pleased to invite you to ‘Digital transformation at Desigual’, a talk by Javier Meler (EMBA 17), Desigual CTO, on Thursday 31st May.

In a world where almost everything and everyone is connected, digitisation is no longer an obligation: it’s a reality. For years now at Desigual, technology has played a crucial role in accelerating the company’s operations and growth. Examples include a truly unique corporate building, fully automised logistics platforms, and stores that are all regarded as technology hubs designed to deliver a wow factor to customers.

This talk will discuss what lies behind the Desigual brand image, what digital transformation means, what the firm has been doing in this area for many years, its main achievements so far and the present and future challenges facing the company.


Javier Meler (EMBA 17)

Computing engineer (UPC) and diploma in business studies. Last year, Javier completed an EMBA at ESADE. Since 2011, he has been the Desigual CTO providing centralised IT services 24x7x365 in more than 100 countries for the entire Desigual retail chain, franchises, on-line stores, multi-brand stores, corners in department stores, logistics platforms and offices. Also in charge of operations and technological support for sharp growth and product diversification, and head of Desigual’s digital transformation. Previously, he was the technology architect of La Seda, Barcelona, a chemical multinational with subsidiaries throughout Europe, incorporating its buyouts. Javier is known for his skills in team leadership, organisation, commitment and initiative, and his focus on results and particularly people.


See you there!

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