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Dinner speech with Isabel Pardo, president of Adif


November 27 OF 2019 from 09:00 PM to 10:30 PM

The part played by Adif in Spain’s passenger rail deregulation


On 14 December 2020 it might be possible to catch a long-distance or high-speed train in Spain run by a company other than Renfe. This new development is the result of the implementation of the 4th rail deregulation package designed to open the Spanish market up to competing rail operators. It will also enable a greater optimisation of Spain’s high-speed infrastructure, the second largest in the world in terms of length, taking into account the considerable investment made over the years and the investment still being made in new lines.

The main agent in this deregulation is Adif, the public company run by Spain’s ministry of public works and transport, and responsible for the construction, maintenance and management of Spain’s high-speed railway infrastructure.

To explain everything Adif is doing in this rail deregulation and what will happen next, the ESADE Alumni Public Management Club has organised a dinner speech by Adif president, Isabel Pardo.

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