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Discover the Winery of the Marimar Torres Estate


ESADE Alumni, in collaboration with the Marimar Torres Estate, offers you the opportunity to learn about this famous winery from its founder, Marimar Torres.

Few families have done as much as the Torres family for the international renown of our Spanish wines. The Marimar Estate is perhaps their most unique project. Founded and run by Marimar Torres, this small winery based in California produces white wines with chardonnay and reds with pinot noir.

During this event the participants will have the opportunity to discover the essence of California through the wines produced by this winery, as well as tasting the intensity and elegance of the pinot noir and chardonnay grapes grown organically in the Russian River Valley.

The activity will be divided in two parts: a brief introduction on the history of the winery and then during the second part everyone present will taste 4 of the winery’s best wines. During the tasting each wine will be commented on and a technical description will be provided to complement this discussion. 

The event will last approximately 2 hours and it will  be held at Marimar Torres’s house in Sitges.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to discover the Torres family’s Californian wines!

Members may bring 1 guest.

Attendance is limited (the maximum group size is 35 people).

Entrance Fee: 5 euros

Members and guests members only.

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