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E-mail: the secrets of effective communication

Sesión Flash | Spanish

How often do you check your email? How do you choose and organise your replies? Have you ever missed an interview, project or partnership because you failed to empathise with the addressee?

This ESADE Alumni Career Services flash session examines the most common mistakes made when using email at work, the difficulty of writing emails and secrets for dealing with it. Guidelines for better, more effective emails and greater confidence when using this communication channel.



Inmaculada Anaya

PhD in Philology and Outstanding Doctorate Award, Universidad Complutense, Madrid. Director and coordinator of Master in Language and Communication in Business since 2011. Member of the Galicia Circle of Entrepreneurs since 2004 and active member of the business communication institute ICE. Has worked for foremost consultancies and educational establishments. In 1999 she became a tenured professor of Spanish at Vigo University where she is also a researcher. In the last 12 years she has given more than 50 talks and workshops about communication in companies and institutions. She is currently working on a book about writing and using e-mails.



Schedule: from 7 pm to 9 pm

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