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Effective brainstorming dynamics workshop

June 05 OF 2019 from 04:00 PM to 07:00 PM

How to manage a group and generate good ideas

Creativity is still the most under-used resource in many companies. Every problem has a solution. To think of it, it’s a matter of applying the right creative approach.

You have probably commissioned or taken part in a brainstorming session but may have had the impression that they only generate simplistic or off-topic solutions. But have you ever wondered whether you were using the right team, the right method and the right creative tools? Were the group dynamics and leadership effective?

Brainstorming is an extremely well-known technique but it is often unproductive or even discouraging or inhibiting. Good brainstorming management is essential to ensure useful, innovative and relevant results.

ESADE Alumni, under the auspices of the Cultural and Creative Industries Club, is pleased to invite you to this new workshop about:

- Main factors for managing brainstorming groups,

- Hands-on methods to avoid negative group dynamics and lack of participation,

- How to boost your teams’ creativity effectively and quantifiably


Martí Torres (Lic&MBA 88)

Consultant and coach in innovation and strategic corporate change. More than 25 years’ experience as the head of sales and marketing departments of foremost brands (RACC, La Vanguardia, Liceo, Deutsche Bank, Vileda, Venca, Spontex) in industries ranging from FMCG, fashion and technology, to services and culture. For the last five years, Martí has been helping create and develop business opportunities for foremost companies in the world of FMCG, industry and services with his consultancy DevelOPP. He has a degree in business management and an MBA from ESADE, a master in international management, Thunderbird (USA), and is also an expert in design thinking and creative dynamics for business development.


No cancellations or confirmations will be accepted in the 48 hours before the event

See you there!

Limited numbers.

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