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'Effective networking: goal-directed and artificial vs serendipitous and spontaneous' by Professor Anne ter Wal


February 07 OF 2018 from 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM

The ESADE Alumni Munich Chapter would like to invite you to their next talk: ''Effective networking: goal-directed and artificial vs serendipitous and spontaneous'' by Professor Anne ter Wal on Wednesday February 7th.

This talk will be an introduction to how networking can help individuals, entrepreneurs and organizations create value. More specifically, it aims to give an insight into how interpersonal interaction can help achieve creative outcomes.

Networking is not about attending ''meet-me'' events and receptions, it is about the choices people make every day when interacting socially with people they know and the timing and organization of getting to know new people.

Received wisdom tells us that networks matter.  In particular, networks are important sources of information for developing new ideas or identifying pathways for change in organizations. Networks also play a crucial role in gaining support for innovative ideas and implementing change. 

This talk will explore how to strike the best balance between authentic initiatives for creating new connections and deliberate strategic choices for building effective social capital.



Anne ter Wal

Anne joined the Imperial College Business School in 2009 and is an associate professor of technology and innovation management in the department of innovation and entrepreneurship. His  research, often in conjunction with leading multinational companies, focuses on the role of networks in innovation and entrepreneurship.

In his research, Anne studies how individuals access new knowledge and ideas through networks within and between organizations and the challenges they face when trying to use these ideas to create new products and services. He is the head of a large, EU-funded research project into entrepreneurial networking about how networking enables entrepreneurs to build valuable networks that help them be successful in business and innovation.

Prior to joining Imperial College, Anne was a doctoral researcher in the economic geography section of Utrecht University. His work has been published in leading management, innovation and economic geography journals including Administrative Science Quarterly, Organization Science, California Management Review, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Research Policy, Journal of Economic Geography and Economic Geography.


We look forward to seeing you there!

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