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Effective Nonverbal Communication Workshop


How can you improve the impact of your presentation with the effective use of body language and voice?

Body language and voice represent the nonverbal communication channel. The lecture/workshop by Jeff Cabili, keynote speaker at Stanford University, will focus on 'How You Say It' rather than on 'What You Say'. This incredible workshop, organized by the Barcelona International Chapter and ESADE Alumni Careers, will help you improve the impact of your presentation and captivate your audience.

Nonverbal communication can reinforce what you say, but when not used effectively, it can weaken your message. The lecture/workshop will focus on the techniques of expression, including gestures, body movements, positions and postures, the voice, breathing techniques, sustaining eye contact, the use of silence, and others, with an emphasis on consistency between verbal and nonverbal communication.
The talk will also examine how nonverbal communication can be used as a tool to influence others in difficult contexts (such as lecturing to an unsettled group) and to optimize the impact of your message in stressful settings (such as job interviews and business negotiations).

You will be able to use the nonverbal communication skills
(covered above) to deliver an effective short pitch (3 or 4 min) to raise money from venture capitalists or to influence potential clients. Or simply to pitch an idea to your team, colleague or boss.

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 6.45 pm: Doors Open

 7.00 pm: Welcome by Iñaki Ocaña (Lic&MBA 06 / DARH 12), International Director at ESADE Alumni

 7.10 pm: Effective Nonverbal Communication Workshop by Jeff Cabili, keynote speaker at Stanford University + Q&A

 9:10 pm: Closing by a Barcelona International Chapter Member

 9:15 pm: Networking Cocktail

10:00 pm: End of Event


Bio of Jeff Cabili

Jeff Cabili was the Director of Business Development at the Stanford Graduate School of Business during ten years, until September 2015. Before that, he spent more than twenty-five years in senior management positions for global companies. As a total quality management (TQM) consultant, he has conducted seminars and workshops for more than 5,100 senior executives.

He has been teaching effective nonverbal skills at Stanford Continuing Studies (since 2006) and at the Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes (since 2015). He is also a mentor, in nonverbal communication skills, at several incubators such as Plug and Play, Draper University, StartX and Cubo (Brazil).
He delivers his lectures and workshops in five languages and frequently uses his formal training in professional acting (Mime).

Thanks to his management experience, to his research in soft skills and to his extensive knowledge of the ecosystems of Silicon Valley he is now a keynote speaker on the following topics: “Effective Nonverbal Communication”, “The History of Innovation in Silicon Valley”, “Leadership and Disruptive Technologies” and “Managing Across Cultures”.

Jeff received an MBA from the Wharton Graduate School (University of Pennsylvania) and an MS in Chemical Engineering from the National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble, France. He also holds a Certificate on Interpersonal Dynamics for High Performers from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.