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The ESADE Alumni Automotion Club invites you to ''Elite materials in the automotive industry''.

Increasing demand for weight reduction, cost cutting and reduced environmental impact, plus greater safety and comfort, all put pressure on automotive R&D to produce new solutions for all aspects of vehicles. Incredible new metal and ceramic materials, composites and nano-materials are emerging: a multi-billion dollar market.

Do you know what superhydrophobic materials are? Do you know what supercapacitors are and how they affect car batteries? This talk will answer these questions and explain the impact of these innovations on current business models.

The new material revolution currently under way will change many industries including the automotive sector. It is important to understand this revolution. Programme


Xavier Llobera (MBA 00/ PSM 11), 3D Printing WW Go-To-Market for Manufacturing, HP Inc
Dagoberto Schmid, Head of Product, Basf Española
Antonio Onteniente ( EMBA 04 ), CEO, Advanced Nanotechnologies
Each member may invite one guest

See you there!

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Language: Spanish

Event resouces. For members only!

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