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Energy policy of the Trump administration: stakeholders and scapegoats


The ESADE Alumni Energy & Environment Club invites you to attend this event entitled ''Energy policy of the Trump administration: stakeholders and scapegoats''

Donald Trump’s arrival at the White House has upended many US policies. His stance, beliefs and style so beloved to his staunch supporters inspire a broad spectrum of adverse feelings among his detractors ranging from fear and amazement to disbelief.

One crucial aspect is the energy and environment policy – on account of its strategic and transnational nature and its direct implications for the life and health of the planet. What can or should we really expect? To what extent will Trump’s U-turn affect us all, Americans and otherwise? Will it really hinder virtually unanimous global consensus about environmental protection? Two acclaimed experts will help answer all these questions.




Mariano Marzo, professor of energy resources at the Faculty of Geology, University of Barcelona
Francesc Xavier Mena, chair of economics at Ramon Llull University and professor at ESADE



Each member may bring a maximum of one guest.

After the session we will offer a glass of cava.

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