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How many brands can you recall? In today’s overload of extremely loud, digital information, the most memorable brands are not the ones that make the most noise, but the ones that make the best noise.

Nowadays, to make your brand grow and create a considerable halo effect, you can apply the same methods as market leaders – exactly the same digital methods – and they’re all within your reach.

Your digital footprint can give you a powerful boost and enable you to create an experience sphere where potential customers can easily recognise the competitive edge of getting to know you, getting in touch with you and captivating you, as if you were essential ... Are you on board? Ivo Güell (DEM 01)

Ivo Güell Torne (DEM 01) is a managing partner of the training consultancy Idei, a purveyor of in-house and external innovative solutions for executive development, and the incorporation of new career strategies. With webinars, you can:

- Access the webinar no matter where you are, using a mobile device* or computer with a loudspeaker and internet connection.
- Interact with the speaker by asking questions via a real-time chat during the webinar.

A few days before the workshop you will receive a personal and non-transferable access URL enabling you follow the webinar live and take part in it. Webinar times are GMT+01:00 (Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid and Paris). To check the time of the webinar in your time zone, click on the link in this email.

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