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ESADE BAN Investment Forum Madrid


April 05 OF 2017 from 09:00 AM to 11:00 AM

On April 5th, ESADE BAN will be holding an ESADE BAN Investment Forum in Madrid for ESADE BAN investors and entrepreneurs in search of funding from business angels.

ESADE BAN is the business angel network fostered by Alumni Entrepreneurship. It acts as a meeting point for investors in search of investment opportunities and entrepreneurs with innovative projects who need finance for the early stages. In this academic year, ESADE BAN has invested €4.7m in 33 start-ups including particularly Deliberry, Signaturit, and Redpoints.

The ESADE BAN network consists of more than 170 business angels and analyses some 350 projects a year. In the last three years, the network has invested €11.45 m in 57 companies. In 2013, ESADE BAN’s business angels channelled €3 million into 22 entrepreneurial projects. ESADE BAN investments include, Wallapop, Redpoints, Goldemar and Nub3D – the start-ups in which its investors have invested most. The sectors of particular interest are technology, health care, energy saving and industry.

The Investment Forum
The aim of the forums is to present ESADE BAN investors with innovative start-ups with high-growth potential and positive development in recent months. The ESADE BAN network currently consists of more than 180 business angels who examine some 600 projects a year. In the last five years, this network has invested more than €18 million in 90 start-ups in sectors such as technology, health care, energy saving and industry, including particularly, Wallapop, Visualnet, RedPoints, Goldemar, Notegraphy,, Ebotlution systems and Medprivé Healthcare. These figures position ESADE BAN amongst Spain’s top-ranking business angel networks.

ESADE BAN Investment Forums are private events for members of ESADE BAN members only(private investors) who receive a regular stream of investment opportunities.
If you are an investor and would like to attend the forum, you must join ESADE BAN. To become a member, please write here

Are you an entrepreneur?
If you’re an entrepreneur and would like to present your start-up to the Investment Forum, don’t hesitate to send your project to ESADE BAN for consideration. 

The projects submitted must
- be at the start-up or early development stage 
- be innovative and disruptive. Preferably based on a business model proven in other markets.
- have global scalability and growth potential.
- have a committed team (at least one full-time person)
- be looking for an investment partner (financial or industrial): minimum 50,000; maximum 500,000
- already be constituted as a company or be preparing to do so 
- have proven business models

How to submit your project
. Register online here

2. Fill out the form briefly and precisely with all the requested information: project description, company details, team, financial forecasts and investment proposal.

The one-page executive summary generated from the information provided is the most important and useful document for catching the attention of ESADE BAN investors (to see a typical executive summary, click here).

3. Attachments. The following documents must be attached: powerpoint presentation for investors, bios of project team, business plan, ESADE BAN participation conditions and any other document that the entrepreneur deems necessary.

4.Agreement with terms: Download the participation conditions, sign them and attach them to your application using the online platform. To take part in the Investment Forum you must accept the participation conditions.

5. Registration confirmation: once registered, ESADE BAN will send an email to confirm that your application has been received.

Projects must be submitted no later than March 27th 2017. The ESADE BAN panel of experts will assess the projects received and  decide which will be presented at the Investment Forum on April 5th.



Investment Forum Programme:

9.00 am Presentation business projects

10.00 am Networking


For further information
935 530 217