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ESADE BAN Seed Breakfast


ESADE BAN is pleased to announce a new Seed Breakfast on Wednesday, 7th November of 2018, an opportunity for investors to know new start-ups in initial phases in search of funding.

Desayuno Seed
The aim of this breakfast is to present innovative start-ups with high growth potential and a proven track record in recent months to ESADE BAN investors who are offered a regular stream of investment opportunities.

What is ESADE BAN?
ESADE BAN is the business angel network promoted by ESADE Alumni which acts as a meeting point for private investors and disruptive, innovative start-ups in search of funding for their early stages.

Are you an entrepreneur?
If you are an entrepreneur and would like to present your start-up to ESADE BAN investors, don’t hesitate to send us your project for consideration. Check that your project complies with our eligibility criteria:

- Start-ups which are mainly digital and tech-based.
- At the early stage (less than 2 years old).
- Innovative, high growth potential and global scalability.
- Committed team (at least one full-time person).
- In search of an investment partner (financial or industrial): 100k min., 1M max.
- Spanish or international.
- Start-ups being constituted or already constituted.
- Growth potential and global scalability .
- Proven business models.

If your start-up is eligible, don’t hesitate to submit your project:

1. On-line registration. Sign up using the on-line form on our platform.

2. The form. Fill in all the requested information accurately and briefly: project description, business details, team, financial forecasts and investment proposal.

The one-page executive summary based on the details provided is the most important and is useful for catching the eye of ESADE BAN investors (see model executive summary here).

3. Attached documents. The following information must be attached: PowerPoint presentation for investors, bios of the start-up team, business plan and ESADE BAN terms and conditions, plus any other document that the entrepreneur thinks necessary.

4. Terms and conditions. Taking part in the investment forum implies accepting the terms and conditions.

5. Confirmation of registration. After registration, ESADE BAN will send an email to confirm receipt of applications.


9.00   Presentation of start-ups

10.00  Networking breakfast

This event is restricted to investors who are members of ESADE BAN and the start-ups selected beforehand to give presentations to investors.

For further information:
+34 935 530 217