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Fewer likes and more leads. How to achieve the digital transformation of companies in Andorra


The business world has always been characterised by change, but today, at an unprecedented speed. All companies are now forced to incorporate the internet into their processes but not even universities are able to teach managers how to exploit digitisation. This talk aims to give the audience simple guidelines about how to bridge the gap between today’s knowledge of management and what Andorran companies need to go digital, creating a link between the 'traditional or analogue circle' and the 'digital circle'.

The ESADE Alumni Andorra Chapter is pleased to invite you their forthcoming talk, ''Fewer likes and more leads: how to achieve the digital transformation of companies in Andorra'' on Wednesday, March 20th at 19:00.

He will explain in details the ten stages of the digital circle, i.e. be familiar with the digital environment, pinpoint new customer behaviour, define the strategy, adapt and define the use of customer data. He will then examine how to adapt a company to the internet, social selling and types of digital sales. Finally, he will address training in digital sales and the leadership of new generations of workers in the internet age. The session will end with several case studies of how some Andorran companies are adapting to this new environment.

Fede Martrat
Fede Martrat, president, partner and director of ActitudPro, a consultancy with a proven track record of more than 12 years helping companies in the realm of sales excellence and enhanced talent performance, with offices in Barcelona, Andorra and Madrid.

Since early 2000 I have been interested in understanding and researching how companies must become more effective in order to achieve better sales results and commercial excellence, and recently, how they must adapt and exploit the digital environment more.

In 2018, I published “Menos Likes y Más Leads”, precisely to bridge this gap between today’s knowledge of management and what companies need in order to go digital. BBA (ESADE) and certificate in group dynamics (Institute Taovillage, Paris), Lego Serious Play®, Disc by Advanced Insights Disc/AEC, Changesetter by Relation Technologies, Denmark, MBSR (Universidad de Barcelona). In addition to my work as a coach and consultant, I am a regular speaker at companies and organisations and an academic assistant at ESADE in subjects about commercial excellence. I like and enjoy sharing my experience and learning from the people around me.

See you there!
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