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Film Forum: The C Word. It's time for cancer to be afraid of us


The message of this documentary is as simple as it is radical: ''We can beat cancer before cancer beats us''.

With a dose of good humour, heart, and a touch of rock’n’roll, The C Word reveals the forces at play behind cancer.

The question is simple: If up to 70% of cancer deaths are preventable … what are we waiting for? To answer this question, director Meghan O’Hara provides solid information that affects food companies, pharmaceutical companies, public bodies... things that nobody is talking about on a large scale.

The overarching message of the documentary is hopeful and positive. Although it is difficult to raise awareness about prevention in a consumerist society, cancer can be beaten.

Our guest speaker will be Manuel Del Castillo Rey, general manager of Hospital Sant Joan de Déu de Barcelona.

¡Esperem poder-t'hi saludar personalment!

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