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Film Forum: Life animated, the power of imagination

''Suddenly at the age of three Owen disappears. Doctors say, ''Let me explain what autism is, some children never speak again ...''  We were definitely about to give up completely and then one day whilst Owen was watching a Disney film he said, ''I don’t want to grow up, I want to be like Peter Pan or Mogli.''

The film Life, Animated is not about curing autism. It shows how a family deals with this complex puzzle with the help of Peter Pan, Simba, Dumbo and the hunchback of Notre Dame. The film follows Owen Suskind from the age of three until he leaves home and how he discovered a way to communicate and make sense of the world by watching Disney films. His father, Ron Suskind, a Pulitzer-award journalist, manages to talk to his son by using the images and portrayals of his favourite characters.

One of the top documentaries of 2016; well-paced with an endearing story; funny and sad; and sure to have an impact on everyone. One of the five documentaries nominated for an Oscar this year, and its director, Roger Ross Williams, received the Sundance Film Festival directing award.

Our guest on this occasion will be Francesc Sistach, director of Specialisterne, a company which trains and provides employment for people with autism spectrum disorders.

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